Electronic health record, practice management, and patient engagement solution, MediSYS, notified clients recently of a partnership with Innovative Billing Solutions, Inc. The collaboration auto posts in-office, online, phone call, kiosk, and recurring payments  into MediSYS and gives clients the choice to process payments from inside the software instead of a point of sale system. The payment integration transforms the billing department and provides the following benefits:

1) time creation to focus on revenue creating task 

2) a better payment posting process

3) more accurate payment reporting

Regardless of where or how the patient paid, all payments populate into one batch report. You can learn more about the integrated partnership by watching our announcement video.


“The financial success of our clients is our highest priority at Innovative Billing. This partnership furthers our commitment to help ambulatory practices stay independent and strong. We look forward to more enhancements with MediSYS in the near future.”

– (Ramsey White, Account Executive)


Want to Learn More?

You can dive deeper by scheduling a demo with Innovative here or contacting a MediSYS support representative. The set up process is simple, quick, and easy. If you have an existing merchant account with Innovative Billing, simply notify Innovative Billing to turn on the integration. Innovative will coordinate with MediSYS to have the Innovative Billing button activated inside MediSYS. From there, enjoy a streamlined payment process by swiping payments directly into the software, keying in phone call payments, and importing mobile payments. All payment data is encrypted and stored off site in secure, cloud-based servers with the latest in cyber security. You can rest easy knowing your office is PCI compliant with patient credit card information.

If you do not have a merchant account with Innovative Billing yet, reach out by clicking here to learn how your practice can streamline the billing process, offer up to 9 ways for patients to pay, increase cashflow, and save money at the same time.

What’s Next with MediSYS?

Innovative Billing and MediSYS strive to provide the most effective and affordable patient billing solutions in the industry. Check back often for product updates to connect and collect from patients better this year.