Online Bill Pay

Stop the wait.

You Deserve Payment

You’ve heard the saying, ‘Time is money,’ right?

Well, the same holds true for days in AR – the amount of time it takes for a patient to pay you. 

Traditional methods are fine for some. But it can also mean delays when it comes to getting paid. From the time your statement is mailed, it takes a few days for delivery, another few days for the patient to pay, and yet even longer for the check to arrive in your office.

Now, throw in the weekends, holidays, and more, and you’re waiting a long time for your money. Too long, the way we see it. With the world working at an ever-faster pace, faster payments should be part of how your practice does business.

What if there were an effortless way for your patients to pay, one that prompts your patients to pay more quickly? What if there was a way for your patients to enjoy far better convenience? 


Even better, one that doesn’t mean waiting for the mail carrier to arrive in your office. And best of all, one that doesn’t require additional work to record and reconcile the payments?

What if you could have all that in a matter of days? That’s Online Bill Pay from Innovative Billing Solutions. And it can make a huge difference in your cash flow. Not to mention your productivity.

As in a much shorter wait from billing to payment. With Online Bill Pay, payments of ten days or less are no longer exceptional. Instead, faster pay becomes the routine for you and your patients. What’s more, with 92% of all millennials using smartphones to manage their lives, it’s more and more the way your patients will do business. So Online Bill Pay isn’t just a better solution today. It’s your practice’s future.

Unique Patient Login

To ensure accuracy and privacy, our patient receives a statement that includes a unique ID and password for our secure payment portal. Using that assigned ID, the patient simply signs in and pays with a credit or debit card within a matter of two or three minutes.

No more writing checks. No more finding stamps. No more trips to the mailbox. In short, anything that gets in the way of a patient paying your bill has been eliminated.

Safe and Secure

Not only is it simple, but Online Bill Pay safeguards patient information at the same time.

Using our cloud-based server, you can be certain that we’re HIPAA compliant. With our online partner, you can count on 24/7/365 monitoring with enhanced security features to help both you and your patients.


While Online Bill Pay is incredibly secure, it also guards productivity at the same time. No more issues with multiple phone calls from patients simply wanting to pay their bills. No more issues with multiple practices you manage taking payments online on different portals.

Instead, if your practice works out of several offices, all your patients can pay their bill online with one secure site, and all payments are in one place with real-time batch reporting and patient account information.

“Now, instead of my staff or I entering the credit card payment, our patients enter their credit card payment online and at their convenience 24/7. Who knew processing patient payments could be so easy?”

– Lauren R., OB-GYN Clinic

Easy for Patients. And You.

Online Bill Pay is effortless for your patients to use. It’s also incredibly simple for you and your staff. Give your Vaytiv team just a few weeks for setup, and you’ll begin seeing a marked improvement in your receivables.

We take care of everything, including free analysis of your current merchant agreement and setting up your merchant account.

No More Costs

Best of all, our system means that you don’t have to buy additional equipment or acquire new systems or tools to manage. Instead, you get seamless integration with your practice management software.

The Support You Need

Hassle-free assistance for you and your needs is just a phone call away. The result? Money coming into your accounts faster than ever before.

Add to that our other payment options such as Pay By Text/Email, Auto-Posting, and our host of other services, and you can see why Vaytiv is raising the bar for better collection practices—not to mention faster cash flow and a brighter financial future for your practice. Call it a best practice for your practice.

So enough with waiting for money. Ask us today about Online Bill Pay. When you learn how big an improvement it can make to your cash flow and your medical practice, we’re confident you’ll want to get started right away.

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