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Security & Compliance

It’s never easy running a practice. And if you run a practice that has several locations, the problems only multiply.

So how do you keep all your offices on the same financial page? If you only have one location, how do you keep patient credit card and statement data secure? And how do you provide the convenience your patients demand, allowing them to pay where they are and in the method they prefer?

Our Cloud-Based system is the answer, regardless of what the question might be. At Vaytiv, our cloud-based solution provides the convenience, flexibility, and security you need when it comes to patient payment. The flexibility that comes from being able to have multiple offices use a single billing system. The security that comes from knowing that your data and the data of your patients is guarded with latest in PCI, HIPAA and cybersecurity.

Secure. The way it should be.

Every time you read the news; it seems you’ll find a story about a data breach. With so much on the line, it’s important to ask how your practice’s patient credit card and PHI data is safeguarded from hackers. That way you can be sure both you and your patients are protected while you can rest easy at night.

With HIPAA and other regulatory concerns coming more and more to the forefront, know that Vaytiv is even further out front with our proactive measures to safeguard your data. With our team of product designers and strategic partners, we’ve designed a cloud-based system that recognizes potential threats and initiates immediate responses.

In fact, our systems are not just PCI and HIPAA compliant. We invest in ongoing internal continuing education to make certain we’re up to date with the latest changes in regulations. That’s not just a promise. Our SSL, ANSI, SAS40, PCI, and a host of other certifications give you the peace of mind you need.

With Rapid Scale, Tier III data centers continuously monitor your data to ensure security. Your sensitive information is backed up frequently for disaster, meaning almost non-existent downtime on your end. Further, we use an exclusive private VPN to achieve even higher levels of security. And we manage and control all statement data in our secure, inside-the-building environment. The way we see it, the fewer people who have access to your data, the better.

What’s more, because Vaytiv owns all its technology—without farming out to other providers—the environment in which we’re processing your data also remains secure.

“Vaytiv gave us an all-in-one solution capable of paper and text statements, online bill pay, recurring payments, plus better credit card rates than our last vendor. They also interface with our PM system, which saves a tremendous amount of employee time…and we all know that time is money!”

– Julie M., Cullman Medical Center

Productivity Puts You On Cloud 9.

Okay. We’re a secure partner for your data. But we’re also a superb partner for your EHR and billing company.

Automatic Backups of Data

With your data stored securely in the cloud, imagine no longer having to ensure your data backups are up to date. Or that your data is lost in the event of a mishap or power outage. Now imagine worry-free data management. Because that’s what you get with us.

Works With All Medical Software

With hundreds of practices on our client list, there’s not an EHR or PM software with which we can’t integrate. With our existing partnerships with major providers, working with their APIs is second nature as well.

Effortless Multi-Location Billing

With a central cloud-based database, those patient billings become far easier. All information is entered into a central database, with all payments entered there as well. That means no more logging into 12 different portals to take payments for your locations. No determining where to apply, because we can autopost them. No late-night balancing of the books. Just up-to-date reporting that shows exactly what has been paid and how the patient paid.

Ease of Transition

We’re the pros when it comes to getting your practice on the cloud. We’re also experts when it comes to integrating with whatever practice management software you currently use.

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