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Incredibly secure. Incredibly easy. Works seamlessly with every medical software solution. Our long experience makes Vaytiv the ideal payment partner for your medical practice. 

Security is Paramount

We Live and Breath it

Security isn’t your only issue, but it’s incredibly important. Our concern for security throughout patient data process puts your concerns to rest. With RapidScale as our partner, along with the latest secure technologies, we keep all data monitored and under wraps at all times. We own our code and perform our programming internally. Plus, we store data on a secure cloud server. All to ensure that when it comes to protecting data, we’re the guys who are locked and loaded.

We know the ABCs of


SSL, ANSI, SAS40, PCI, you name it. We’re OCD about our certifications; we dot every I and cross every T. And if someone comes up with something new, we get it ASAP.

Nothing matters more than


Lose control of a client’s data, and it’s a big problem. So we go beyond what’s expected and overdeliver when it comes to compliance for HIPAA and other regulations.

Clients believe in us. Why?

We believe in relationships.

We answer the phone. We answer questions. And we do it quickly. After all, with so much on the line for your clients, we have a lot of trust to keep with you. So count on Innovative Billing Solutions to hold fast to a collaborative, cooperative relationship centered around your needs.

Our Software Partners

We’re recommended as a patient statement and payment partner by some of the biggest medical software solutions. The reason is simple. We offer a superior solution that helps them serve their clients better.

And the same would be true for you. If you’re looking to offer your clients a better solution for billing, then contact us. And learn why we’ve earned the confidence of so many in the industry.

We have partnered with Vaytiv for 9 years and have been thrilled with their team’s responsiveness and ability to handle integrated projects in a timely manner.”

– Emily K, Integrated Payment Partner

APIs. What We Do.

How do we write code written to interact with your API? Flexibly. Responsively. And because we have partnerships with other medical software companies, we use their APIs.

Working with multiple offices

If a practice sees patients in several locations, we provide a singular payment solution. Our cloud-based system makes it easy for every office to work within a single database, effortlessly.

HIPAA Compliance

It’s not enough to meet HIPAA requirements today. We rigorously keep up with changing regulations to stay ahead of the game — all to ensure your confidence in what we deliver for practices.

Exceptional Commitment

Want to know about our quality? Ask any of our hundreds of practices. And learn how we’ve been there as they achieve better financial stability and growth year after year.

I have worked with Vaytiv for many years. The service they provide is outstanding and I highly recommend them!”

– Rhonda B., Medical Software Partner

Looking to Offer Your Clients a Better Solution

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Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to helping users, we have experience working with developers. We understand your needs and build our relationship around those needs.

Here are just a few of the most frequently-asked questions that get asked by developers. We’re available to provide solutions to any problem you have. Just ask. Because when it comes to collaborating with developers like you, we’re the guys with all the answers.

What medical software do you work with?

Innovative Billing Solutions works with all medical software, giving you a true billing component regardless of platform. At the same time, we offer a growing integrated software network with enhanced payment and auto posting capabilities.

How is patient credit card information protected?

The patient’s credit card data is encrypted on our cloud-based payment gateway and secured with a username/password, one that changes every 90 days. The way we handle transactions means no patient credit card data is stored at the medical office’s physical location, keeping the practice PCI compliant.

How is my patient statement data protected?

We handle patient statement data with the very latest in cyber security. All data is stored in the cloud at an SSAE-18, SOC-2 and PCI DSS-certified Tier 3 data center. As a result, rest assured Innovative Billing Solutions is HIPAA compliant. At the same time, our ongoing investment in continual education for staff means we remain fully up-to-date on data security, compliance, and industry regulations.

What states do you cover?

Innovative Billing Solutions is available throughout the United States.

What integrated features do you offer for my software?

We’re pros at working with developers like you. In addition to integrating electronic statement processing and mailing into your existing platform, we also help auto posting of online, text/email payments, and in-office credit card payments. What’s more, often 90% of your client transactions take place in the office.

How does your team handle API for integrated credit card payments?

To ensure security, our team connects you with our secure gateway partner. In turn, that partner will provide online documentation, sample code and support for registered developers. Then an API with Innovative and our gateway partner will integrate your website or application to perform credit card, debit card, and check transactions.