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It’s no secret. The world has gone mobile. Almost all your patients carry a smartphone, and many use them to manage finances. So how can you make it work for you?

If a patient opts in with Pay By Text/Email, it’s incredibly easy. You send a text with the billing amount and justification, and the patient sends back money. It’s literally that straightforward. No stamps. No mailing. No long delays. A simple solution for the practice wanting to enjoy faster turnaround on payments.

So are you ready for faster turnaround and lower costs, then talk to us about the clear-cut advantages of Pay By Text/Email. And learn why it’s the right call for your cashflow.

Receive payment from several sources? Then you spend hours reconciling batch reports. Auto-Posting eliminates that work, giving you a same-day, easy-to-use, cloud-based report. Automatically.

With our multiple points of contact, we not only make sure your patients receive statements, but you can also confirm receipt. That way, you have a clear path for followup and collections.

Security. In today’s regulatory environment, it’s more critical than ever to safeguard the patient’s data. We store your data on a cloud-based SSL-certified server for limited exposure. And peace of mind.

Using traditional billing methods? Then expect to wait for payment.

But in today’s digital world, you not only get payment turnaround that’s far quicker, but you also get fewer patient frustrations. After all, more and more people make their payments digital by credit card on their favorite device. And our secure, easy-to-use system, gives them the convenience patients want.

And at a time when many patients need more flexibility in meeting their co-pay, you can even set up automatic monthly payments as well. What’s not to like? So ask us about Online Bill Pay. And tap into a quicker, easier way to get your money in a hurry.

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