About Us

Over twenty years’ experience helping practices enjoy success

Like all good solutions, we started out meeting a need.

Medical practices wanted a more reliable and cost-effective way to invoice and collect from their patients. Long performed in-house, more and more practices became overwhelmed with the manpower and technical requirements.

We began offering a better way in 1998 with integrated programming, printing, and mailing patient statements for billing departments. And clients couldn’t have been happier.

Yet, as you know, the business of running a medical practice keeps changing. And changing. And changing. Reimbursements. HIPAA requirements. New technologies. New security threats. New business models. And a great deal more.

We’ve changed along with the industry. Not just step for step, but always a step ahead. Because when Vaytiv is your name, it’s a standard you need to meet time and time again.

So as the nature of patient payments has changed, our product offerings have evolved at the same time. Online payments. Text and Email payments. Virtual Terminal payments. All to create the greatest number of options for practices—not to mention the greatest potential for a brighter financial future.

And even now, with the torrent of change, we’ve got big changes ahead in the products we offer and the solutions we deliver. This means, for practices like yours, the future is a brighter one.

Your Team

Programming is critical. At the same time, so is business acumen, service, and a constant insistence on delivery for practices. We know the financial needs of the medical practice and are constantly working to create newer and better ways to increase patient payments and improve your cash flow. Here is our team. On second thought, here is your team. Contact us today. And, together, let’s transform the patient payment experience forever. 

Darryl White


          800-783-5656 ext. 4202

Matt Crews

VP of Operations

          800-783-5656 ext. 4207


Ramsey White

VP of Sales & Marketing

          800-783-5656 ext. 4204

Misty Petersen

Client Support Specialist

          800-783-5656 ext. 4201

Michael Forester

Production Manager

          800-783-5656 ext. 4208


Josh Higbee

Production Specialist

Lee Rogers

Accounting Manager

          800-783-5656 ext. 4203

Our Promise

Always be ready to help

We don’t like voicemail. We know you don’t either. When you call us, we answer the phone. Even if we can’t immediately answer your question, count on us to work on an answer, a solution, whatever it takes to meet your needs.

Always be innovating

Yesterday’s breakthrough is tomorrow’s business liability. Never content to rest on our current products, we work relentlessly to find new solutions in an ever-changing business. All to keep your practice in the best of health.