Reconcile Yourself To

Leaving Work On Time.

It’s not just important to get paid. It’s important to know the details when a patient pays. Where the payment goes, too.

If you’re like most practices, you receive payments from many different sources. Patient payments at the time of the visit. Recurring payments. Reimbursements. Kiosks. E-mail. Texts. Online payments. And more.

While getting paid is key, it’s also vital to reconcile payments to the correct patient account. That way, you know which payment goes where and what balances are still open in your software. Most importantly of all, you want that payment information to be as real-time as possible. Knowledge is key. And the efficient management of your practice depends on knowing your patient account balances at all times.

“I am very pleased with the Auto-Posting product with Vaytiv. We have had almost 6500 online payments this year that were auto-posted to the patient’s account. My employees did not have to use time taking the call, gathering the info, running the credit card and then post the payment to their account. That probably saves 15 minutes each call which adds up to a big saving of the employee’s time. I would recommend this to any practice, big or small.”

– Charlotte A., Premier Medical

Auto-Posting is incredibly easy, because Innovative Billing does all the work for you.

Give us a few days for set up, and you’ll reap the rewards. It will transform your billing department so much, you won’t know how you ever got along without it. How?

Daily Reporting

Imagine having quick and easy information that details payment activity at your fingertips. With Innovative Billing, our daily reports let you know who pays on which account, when payment is made, and how much is paid. The status of every patient transaction remittance as it takes in real time on our cloud-based gateway.

Save Time

Auto-Posting translates to fewer hours spent recording and reconciling payments. In turn that means better productivity, eliminated errors, and far higher odds that you and your staff get out the door on time each day. Not staying late to connect the dots.

Automatic. As It Should Be.

Because payments post directly to the patient account inside your EHR and PM software, Auto-Posting requires no human intervention on the part of your staff. So instead of manually assigning account numbers to each payment, Auto-Posting collects payments from all your revenue sources, automatically posts those payments to your records, and then provides you a full report on payment status. That’s all there is to it.

Complete Accuracy

Because every payment is tied to that patient’s account number, your billing department will enjoy incredible accuracy when it comes to knowing patient balances—saving you both time and money.