Revenue Cycle Management

Plenty of patients, not money?

Collect On Billings. STAT.

A full waiting room isn’t much help if your business account is always running dry. Cashflow is the lifeblood of your practice. Isn’t it time you enjoyed financial fitness?

With Innovative Billing Solutions, we speed up your billings with a system that integrates effortlessly with your practice management software. We also provide online bill pay, e-mail/text statements, and in-office EMV chip card reader solutions that allow you to collect from patients far more quickly and easily—while providing auto-posted payments to the correct patient account number into your software.

Whether by Pay By Text/Email or through the mail, we make sure that patients have a variety of ways to pay. We can even help your patients make recurring “card on file” payments with cloud-based credit card solutions. All to keep money flowing into your practice. 

More Features

You want options. We give you a variety of ways to bill your patients. And the outcome is accelerated collections with far less workload for your staff.

Any Software

Whatever medical software your billing company uses, we’re the ideal fit. Ease of installation and use means, within days, we’ll be an indispensable part of your business model.

Recurring Payments

Our system lets them make automatic monthly payments, with detailed reporting on which patient’s credit cards will draft and which have expired, allowing you to stay on top of things.

Take Payments Wherever and Whenever

Our Virtual Terminal

Whether you manage one practice or thirty, one login allows you to take phone call payments from anywhere at any time on our Virtual Terminal. Say goodbye to the headache of managing multiple solutions in order to simply take a payment.

Virtual Terminal displays all transaction details, complete with patient account numbers, to your computer, speeds up reconciliation, automatically e-mails receipts to patients, and allows you to create payment plans and run reports on all credit card transactions at the practice. At the same time, Virtual Terminal also means one fewer phone line for your office.

The Virtual Terminal isn’t just a better way to take payments. It’s a productivity tool that both front desk staff and your bookkeeper will love.

Innovative Billing Solutions means

Better Collections, Faster For You.

The more options there are for patients to pay, the faster you get paid. The less extra effort it takes to record and reconcile payments, the earlier you and your staff can go home at the end of the day.

The way we see it, we haven’t just designed a better way to collect payments. We’ve developed a better way for your office to operate, reducing the chance for mistakes with superior payment reporting while also increasing cash flow at the very same time.

Even better, you’ll get the service and responsiveness that has made Innovative Billing Solutions a trusted partner in the financial health of hundreds of practices and RCM partners. So ask us for a product demonstration. And see what you’ve been missing. Aside from more revenue and faster payments.