Innovative Billing partners with Patient Engagement Software, Relatient


Innovative Billing Solutions adds new partner, Relatient, to their network. The patient engagement company specializes in secure messaging, payment, and eregistration solutions to engage patients more effectively. The partnership with Innovative Billing will provide Relatient clients with an online bill pay option to make payment convenient and affordable for patients, billing departments, and RCMs.

 “We are very excited about this new partnership with Relatient. Together, we combine our resources to meet the industry’s needs.” (Darryl White, President of Innovative Billing)

How it Works

Relatient sends out text and email notices to pay the patient’s balance. If the patient pays, the payment posts back into the software. If a patient chooses not to pay, the balance remains in the software and it generates the statement file and submits for printing/mailing. It’s important to note that Relatient clients determine how often the statement file is generated.

Benefits for Billing

The partnership streamlines patient billing by integrating traditional and digital payment under one reporting system. Most payment solutions are one dimensional, either focusing on traditional payment or digital payment. The partnership unifies the payment experience for patients by offering both options for payment. Now, patients of all demographics can be engaged for payment.

  1. Better Cashflow
  2. Statement Reduction
  3. Streamlined Billing

Learn More

Contact us to learn how to add an online bill pay option to your statement with Relatient to collect even more payments.