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One of many challenges billing departments face is payment posting.

When your billing department receives payments from multiple patients, a billing team member must enter and apply payments same day. And when expanding a practice by adding a new location or increasing patient volume, the health of your billing team often suffers. The time it takes to post payments is one of the many tasks leading to employee burnout. Billing teams often rush to apply payments the day before statements are mailed to avoid patient’s calling in upset because they paid the bill.

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Innovative Billing Solutions created auto posting to solve this problem.

Do you want to leave work on time and ensure that every payment is applied to the correct patient charge in your Practice Management or EHR software? Done! We created an auto posting system that seamlessly integrates with your software to collect payments online, text/email, and in-office payments to post automatically to the correct patient charge in your software. This usually saves your billing department 2-3 minutes each payment. When you add the amount of payments daily and examine the strain each manual payment post has on the billing department, we think you won’t hesitate to implement auto posting today.

“Don’t miss this. There are real challenges to auto posting.”

First, auto posting takes integration with a payment partner and your Practice Management or EHR software. Innovative Billing has a growing software partner network with auto posting capability, so reach out to us to see if your software is part of our network. Don’t wait until your team is on the edge of quitting.

Second, you might need to open a new merchant account. Before signing a new merchant agreement, you will need to determine if your existing agreement is month to month or on a contract. If you’re not sure, Innovative Billing can evaluate your existing merchant agreement for free.

Third, when adding a new product or solution, make sure your team is on board. The message to your team should be time creation and efficiency optimization as the reason for adding auto posting. This new product will transform the office and ensure everyone leaves work on time.

Regardless of where you are in the auto posting journey, Innovative Billing is here to help. If you would like to schedule a discovery call or book a demo, click here, and reconcile yourself to leave work on time because auto posting never takes a day off, never calls in sick, and never stops working for you.

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