All-In-One Solution

Transform Your Patient Payment Experience.

You don’t need us to tell you. Running a medical practice is harder than ever. Patient scheduling. New regulations. Reimbursements. So how do you keep it all going while keeping your sanity?

Smart thinking, that’s how, with us as part of your all-in-one solution. Make us your billing partner, and you get more than dramatically-improved patient payments. You see a reduction in workload for your billing department, too.

What’s more, you’ll have an all-in-one partner who is on the cutting edge of payment solutions, both in terms of new technology and keeping up with the latest changes in HIPAA and PCI compliance All so you don’t have to.

In short, Vaytiv frees up your time and resources for focusing on patients, not payments, which is pretty smart practice management, no matter how you examine it.

Improve Patient Experience.

Happy patients mean a stronger practice. When you offer them more payment options, you collect more payments by providing convenience and simplicity at the same time.

Our Online Bill Pay Option means payment of statements anytime—not just during office hours. Text Payments make things even easier, especially for Millennial and Generation Z patients who communicate via mobile device. And when a patient has a high deductible plan, automated monthly payments to a credit card are with ‘card on file’ encrypted credit card information.

In short, we make it easy for your patients to pay. And easier for you to keep payments coming in.

More Revenue

We’ve yet to encounter a practice that doesn’t need more money—STAT.

That’s why Vaytiv has developed an entire array of advanced services and products to capture the most revenue, faster. By making it effortless, you can count on faster patient payments. Further, with Auto Posting, you receive a report daily of what payments came in and posted to the patient account number in your software.

And that’s just the beginning. Because with our Automated Posting, handling your receivables requires far fewer manhours. That makes your practice more efficient, for a far more attractive bottom line. No new equipment, no extensive training, no new tools to manage. Just instant profit added to your bottom line.

How It Works

In a word? Seamlessly. Whatever your workflow medical solutions software might be, we can integrate your billings and workflow without a hitch–and without all the headaches. Even better, we’ll get your revenue climbing and billings up to speed far more quickly and easily than you ever thought possible.

Further, since we’re cloud-based, count on encryption and security that’s in absolute compliance with HIPAA and all other confidentiality requirements. So, Innovative Billing Solutions transforms the patient payment and billing department experience completely, helping your team and helping you work better at the very same time using your existing practice management and EHR systems.

It's Time

Collect Better with Vaytiv

Frequently Asked Questions

With hundreds of practices nationwide, rest assured we have a solution that fits your needs. After all, every office is different. Including yours.

At the same time, we hear a lot of the same questions at the beginning of our relationships. Here are a just a few questions we see all the time. And the answers about how we can boost your performance.

How long does it take to get set up?

With our experienced team, most of our clients can enjoy the benefits of our system in less than a week. After all, we work with hundreds of practices across the country. So customer service and rapid response are paramount.

What medical software do you work with?

We work with all medical software, giving you a true billing component regardless of platform. At the same time, we offer a growing integrated software network with enhanced payment and auto-posting capabilities.

What are your merchant fees?

The practices we serve like our Interchange Plus pricing model, which incorporates a small markup on each credit card with a per-item and authorization fee. Our experience is that our pricing model is not just competitive, but often saves money. What’s more, because this method is completely transparent, there are no questions when it comes to your credit card fees.

How is patient credit card information protected?

The patient’s credit card data is encrypted on our cloud-based payment gateway and secured with a username/password, one that changes every 90 days. The way we handle transactions means no patient credit card data is stored at the medical office’s physical location, keeping the practice PCI compliant.

How is my patient statement data protected?

We handle patient statement data with the very latest in cyber security. All data is stored in the cloud at an SSAE-18, SOC-2 and PCI DSS-certified Tier 3 data center. As a result, rest assured Vaytiv is HIPAA compliant. At the same time, our ongoing investment in continual education for staff means we remain fully up-to-date on data security, compliance, and industry regulations.

Will I have to replace my billing staff by using Vaytiv?

Not at all. Instead, our services optimize your billing staff by creating more time for them to care for your patients in the office. By providing all the payment tools needed in one easy-to-use package, your in-house and/or RCM billing team have everything needed to enjoy even greater success.

What states do you cover?

Vaytiv is available throughout the United States.

Can I put a “pay my bill” online link on website?

We make everything easier. We’ll help you add a link to your website that allows patients to pay bills online with just the click of a button.